Our theatre company

Founded in 1996 by actor and director Corrado d'Elia, Milan-based Compagnia Corrado d'Elia is one of the most active prose theatre companies in Italy, performing more than 150 shows every season, both in Milan in residence at the Teatro Litta / Teatro Leonardo venues or on other Milanese stages and on tour around the country.

Since its birth, the company has been known for the originality of its productions and for the appeal it has over both the audience and the critics.
The group is formed by a core cast working with Corrado d'Elia on a regular basis, and by actors coming in for specific productions.

The aim of our work is to promote and expand the knowledge of theatre, producing both great classic titles and contemporary dramaturgy, in order to educate new potential audiences and to develop new languages that can dialogue with the present.

After 18 years spent as the soul and the pre-eminent company of Milan's Teatro Libero, the company is now resident at Milan's Teatro Litta, and tours all-season long in the Italian territory. 

Compagnia Corrado D'Elia c/o Teatro Litta , C.so Magenta 24 20124 Milano
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